Month: March 2011

A glimpse of domestic travel

The first thought that usually enters my mind after I board a domestic plane, especially if I’m travelling alone on a work trip and sitting in the aisle seat is: I hope there’s a free seat next to me. I

Of course you should

In writing, as in any craft, people like to use the word ‘should’ fairly often. Your novel should be at least x amount of words in length to meet the requirements of most publishing houses, you should attend at least

Those types of scenes

A few days ago, someone asked whether my novel contained any love scenes.  Naturally the blood raced to my face straight away as I struggled to imagine a question more awkward. I already knew the answer, of course.  I had

No one writes letters anymore

Every time I visit the Barossa Valley I almost feel compelled to write a letter, not an email, to someone far away.  Although I’m surrounded by Wi-Fi and more than one electronic device, I am reminded of a different time

Romance novels and the happy ending

An unwritten rule has been doing the rounds for quite some time, suggesting that a romance novel should always have a happy ending.  Where did it come from? Who said it first? Who knows?  I suppose that is the point.