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Shaped by what we love

Have you ever quoted a line from a movie you had watched over and over as a child or imitated the mannerisms or repeated the words of someone you had spent a lot of time with, without really realising it

The advantages of being a 30-something in 2018

Having another birthday in your thirties, isn’t that bad, is it? Here is my list of benefits of being a 30-something in 2018, in no particular order. We don’t have to slum it while travelling overseas anymore. No more hostels.


When did smartphones become so addictive? I can tell you when, about 30 years ago, or so it feels. But in reality, we all know when it started to happen. Just over a decade ago. And we also know what


I recently watched another film based on an unusually popular book and unlike many others, the ending completely surprised me. In fact, it surprised me so much, that I forgave the rapid flow of events at the start and the

Great expectations

After numerous people recently described a certain comedy as the funniest thing they had ever seen, I made sure to buy a ticket and go and see it myself. Of course, throughout the film, I couldn’t help but wait for

From novel to screen

I was in the middle of another blog post, when I stumbled across a film, based on a book that I absolutely loved. I was very excited (as I always am) to watch the characters I imagined in a certain