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Calendar events

We all have ways we spend our spare time, wasteful or otherwise. I, for instance, love to procrastinate for days about what to write a blog post about, while feeling guilty that I’m not editing, which means that I’d either

10 things no one told you about moving overseas

You won’t be the friend someone has known for ages, for literally ages. And until you are, you’ll be an outsider. But one day, all of a sudden, you won’t be new anymore. You’ll meet some wonderful people You will

My African backstory

Have you ever wondered where you came from? I’ve been spending a lot of time lately, thinking about exactly that. Obsessing, you might say, about an Anglo-Saxon, Germanic past, which accounts for my genetic make-up, and the place where I

Change and conflict

Without change in Fiction, there would be no conflict. Without change in life, there would be nothing. When I think about my life, I am reminded of a particular time when change was waiting and how incredibly frightening it was.