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The advantages of being a 30-something in 2018

Having another birthday in your thirties, isn’t that bad, is it? Here is my list of benefits of being a 30-something in 2018, in no particular order. We don’t have to slum it while travelling overseas anymore. No more hostels.


When did smartphones become so addictive? I can tell you when, about 30 years ago, or so it feels. But in reality, we all know when it started to happen. Just over a decade ago. And we also know what

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The information age has shed light on pretty much everything, in ways that are often great… and ways that are perhaps not very effective. How many times have you consulted with Doctor Google, semi-freaked yourself out, only to eventually be


Have you ever heard someone say ‘let’s have a normal amount of perspective’ or ‘let’s look at the bigger picture’? I have, many times, and I now try not to cringe every time I hear that, in response to just


The other day I heard a startling statistic, al be it elaborated, which claimed that technology doubles every 18 months.  Frightening. It’s true that we have dealt with a lot of change in the last couple of decades, and I