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The advantages of being a 30-something in 2018

Having another birthday in your thirties, isn’t that bad, is it? Here is my list of benefits of being a 30-something in 2018, in no particular order. We don’t have to slum it while travelling overseas anymore. No more hostels.


Have you ever heard someone say ‘let’s have a normal amount of perspective’ or ‘let’s look at the bigger picture’? I have, many times, and I now try not to cringe every time I hear that, in response to just

Inspirational journeys

It’s really difficult to understand how it can take 30 minutes to write a post today, and how on other days, I don’t have any inclination to write anything at all. But with my current novel as close to ‘complete’ as it has

Flying solo

I have been travelling for work a bit more lately and as a result, I have also been relying on restaurants for meals. In the early years, I wouldn’t really go to a restaurant unless I was with another colleague

My top 10 travel tips

Here are my current top 10 travel tips (in no particular order): Fork out the extra cash to buy a flexible airline ticket. You’ll wish you had if you’re stuck in an airport four hours before your flight. Put enough

Do first impressions always last?

Have I ever told you about my first encounter with a Champagne house? It was in March 2010 and we were walking from the Reims train station to Pommery. After about 40 minutes, we reached the halfway mark and as

Back to school

For the last five days, I have had the privilege of attending an accelerated learning course, specifically designed for Gen Y (and X) managers, at one of the most prestigious business schools in Australia. I remember thinking, as soon as

Staying on a Vietnamese junk

Earlier this week, I spent two nights on a junk in Halong Bay – Vietnam. I was a little nervous, to say the least, to board the one year old vessel of roughly 29 meters in length and seven meters wide,

Exotic words and places

Two weeks ago, I turned 30 – Boo. I don’t know why exactly I wrote ‘boo’, it just so happened that I could not have had a better day if I tried, having spent it in Ho Chi Minh City.

A glimpse of domestic travel

The first thought that usually enters my mind after I board a domestic plane, especially if I’m travelling alone on a work trip and sitting in the aisle seat is: I hope there’s a free seat next to me. I