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Shaped by what we love

Have you ever quoted a line from a movie you had watched over and over as a child or imitated the mannerisms or repeated the words of someone you had spent a lot of time with, without really realising it


As I’m planning the scenes of my next novel, I am also starting to think about the nature of the new characters I don’t really know yet. You see, I spent so much time with Anna and Daniel, the protagonists

What dreams tell us

Have you ever had a dream that keeps popping up from time to time? I have, and it generally goes like this: I am 14 years old, have a piano exam that same day and I haven’t practised. I am

Words for Anna

My debut novel ‘Words for Anna’ has been published! It’s still hard to get my head around the fact that something I had worked on in almost every spare moment, can now be read by anyone with an internet connection.

The long story

It’s a long story – have you ever heard more annoying words? Together with any interchangeable phrase you can think of, that is generally used to avoid filling someone in on something obviously secret or at least somewhat interesting? Don’t

Lost to history

So, you reckon you know exactly what happened to you yesterday?  It’s not an unreasonable belief. What about what your friend or colleague said happened to them? Any room for scepticism there? Ok, now imagine that a week goes by,

The advantages of being a 30-something in 2018

Having another birthday in your thirties, isn’t that bad, is it? Here is my list of benefits of being a 30-something in 2018, in no particular order. We don’t have to slum it while travelling overseas anymore. No more hostels.

Calendar events

We all have ways we spend our spare time, wasteful or otherwise. I, for instance, love to procrastinate for days about what to write a blog post about, while feeling guilty that I’m not editing, which means that I’d either


When did smartphones become so addictive? I can tell you when, about 30 years ago, or so it feels. But in reality, we all know when it started to happen. Just over a decade ago. And we also know what

Thoughts and opinions

The information age has shed light on pretty much everything, in ways that are often great… and ways that are perhaps not very effective. How many times have you consulted with Doctor Google, semi-freaked yourself out, only to eventually be